Algebra 2; Trigonometric Formulas

  1. What are the 3 basic Trigonometric Formulas?
    I. Sine (sin) [read as sign]

    II. Cosine (cos) [read as co-sign]

    III. Tangent (tan) [read as it written]
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    Side c: Hypotenuse
    Always the opposite of the right angle.
    Sin, Cos, and Tan are used depending on the angles and measurements given.

    Sin = Opposite Side (of referenced angle) / Hypotenuse

    Cos = Adjacent Side (of referenced angle) / Hypotenuse

    Tan = Opposite Side / Adjacent Side
  3. How to remember these functions ?

    S O H - C A H - T O A

    The initial letter of each set represents the functions, O represents Opposite, A represents Adjacent, and H represents Hypotenuse.
  4. The other three functions are:
    • I. Cotangent (cot)
    • II. Secent (sec)
    • III. Cosecent (csc)
  5. It turns out that the three functions referenced in the last card are the repirocals of the first three functions that were introduced.
    • Cot =_____1_____
    • Tangent

    • Sec =_____1_____
    • Cosine

    • Csc =_____1_____
    • Sine
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