Bobby's Random Notecards 2

  1. Holy Roman Emperor during the 30 Years War
    Ferdinand II
  2. Son of William the Conqueror
    Henry I
  3. Newfoundland Mountain chain
    Long Range Mountains
  4. The girl in this painting was actually 50
    Christina's World
  5. "Companion" of Pericles
  6. Confucius' "rectification"
    Rectification of names
  7. Wife of King Charles I (England)
    Henrietta Maria
  8. Building that has a whispering gallery
    St. Paul's Cathedral
  9. Napoleon besieged this city early in his military career
  10. Structures that have a red-black type
  11. Russian tsar that constructed St. Basil's
    Ivan IV (Terrible)
  12. Founded the Knights of Labor
    Terrence Powderly
  13. Succeeded Francisco Franco in Spain
    Juan Carlos I
  14. Lost Battle of Celaya
    Pancho Villa
  15. Current president of Nicaragua
    Daniel Ortega
  16. Most dangerous mountain to climb in the world
    Mount Annapurna
  17. Founded the religion of Din-i-Ilahi
    Akbar the Great (Mogul)
  18. Succeeded Ivan IV (Terrible)
    Fyodor I
  19. Comte's Law
    Law of Three Stages
  20. Dry archaeological lake in Australia
    The state that it is in
    • Lake Mungo
    • New South Wales
  21. Known as "Father Zimbabwe"
    Joshua Nkomo
  22. Scientist that determined carbon stuff to be tetrahedral
    Van't Hoff
  23. Geographic feature of the Battle of Austerlitz
    Pratzen Heights
  24. US judge shot in Arizona
    John Roll
  25. "Language action" used by Wittgenstein
    Language game
  26. (Psychology principle) Says that objects continue to exist when they're not seen
    Object permanence
  27. First president of Tanzania
    Julius Nyerere
  28. German general at the Battle of the Somme
  29. Decree of Bolivar (Not Organic Decree of Dictatorship)
    Decree of War to the Death
  30. An organism's response to overwhelming stimuli
    Transmarginal Inhibition
  31. Gaps between axons
    Node of Ranvier
  32. French possession just south of Newfoundland
    St. Pierre-et-Miquelon
  33. English king that had porfiria
    King George III
  34. Document issued by Hoover against Japanese expansion
    Stimson Doctrine
  35. Pressure in cell walls
    Turgor Pressure
  36. Time period between jobs when a worker is going from job to another
    Frictional unemployment
  37. Main component of aqua regia
  38. Speech given by Margaret Thatcher
    "Britain awake" speech
  39. Persian king that built the hall of 100 columns
    Xerxes I
  40. Very important Etruscan city sacked by Rome
  41. Taoist principle of virtue and expression
    De (Pronounced Duh)
  42. Unciad head is in this organ...
  43. Wrote Farther Reaches of Human Nature
    Abraham Maslow
  44. Economic thing traced to cognitive dissonance
    Buyer's remorse
  45. WWI battle where only one army advanced 6 miles
    Battle of the Somme
  46. Napoleon-era tsar
    Alexander I
  47. Current Spanish Prime Minister
  48. Mongols lost to the Mamelukes at...
    Battle of Ain Jalut
  49. Split up by Mikhail Gorbachev
  50. Hungarian generals who were executed
    13 Martyrs
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