biology heredity test

  1. define phenotype
    how alleles express themselves
  2. genes
    sequece of DNA that codes for protien and determines a trait
  3. asexual reproduction
    production of offspring from 1 parent
  4. sexual
    production of offspring from 2 parents
  5. hybrid
    offspring of the parents that have different forms of the trait
  6. traits
    charachteristics that are inherited
  7. co-dominance
    expression of both alleles (brown and blue cow)
  8. incomplete dominance
    when traits are inherited incompletely of mix (red and blue make purple)
  9. genotype
    genetic composition of individual
  10. heredity
    the passing of traits from one parent to the offspring
  11. homozygous
    genes that have 2 dominant alleles and 2 recessive (RR) (rr)
  12. genetics
    the study of heredity and traits
  13. mutation
    change in DNA sequence that affects genetic information
  14. alleles
    alternate form of a gene
  15. heterozygous
    genes that have one dominant and one recessive (Rr)
  16. what is the Rule of Unit Factor?
    each pea had 2 alleles that determined it's height, color, and shape
  17. what do we name generations for genetic study?
    • P1= original breeding plant
    • F1= offspring of the P1 generation
    • F2= offspring of the F1 generation
  18. what is survival of the fittest?
    those organisms that have the best adaptations to the environment survive
  19. what traits did Gregory Mendel Test?
    Height, color, and shape
  20. dominant traits are passed on how often?
    3/4 times
  21. recessive traits are passed on how often?
    1/4 of the time
  22. what is probability and what role does it play in genetics?
    the likelyhood that a particular event will take place
  23. what are the stages of meosis?
    prophase 1 & 2; metaphase 1 & 2; anaphase 1 & 2; telophase 1 & 2
  24. what are the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction?
    • positive= introduces genetic variation
    • negative= 2 organisms are needed
  25. what are the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction
    • positive= only 1 parent is needed
    • negative= no genetic diversity
  26. we are the male and female sex chromosomes?
    • male= XY
    • Female= XX
  27. what is meosis?
    cell division where one body cell produces 4 gametes containing 1/2 of the genetic material of a parent cell
  28. what forms during fertilization?
    a zygote, fertalized egg
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