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  1. Ameliorate
    • Definition: To Improve
    • Synonym: Amend
    • Antonym: Worsen
  2. Aplomb
    • Definition: Poise; great self-confindence
    • Synonym: Composure
    • Antonym: Embarrassment
  3. Bombastic
    • Definition: Pompous or overblown in language
    • Synonym: Pretentious
  4. Callow
    • Definition: Immature
    • Synonym: Inexperienced
    • Antonym: Mature
  5. Drivel
    Definition: (n.) Saliva or mucus flowing from the mouth or nose; foolish, aimless talk or thinking (v.) To let saliva flow from the mouth; to utter nonsense or childish twaddle.
  6. Epitome
    • Definition: An instance that represents a larger relity.
    • Synonyms: Model, Archetype
  7. Exhort
    • Definition: To urge strongly
    • Synonym: Entreat, Implore
    • Antonym: Discourage
  8. Ex Officio
    Definition: By virtue of holding a certain office.
  9. Infringe
    • Definition: To violate, trespass
    • Synonym: Intrude
  10. Ingratiate
    • Definition: Gain favor or acceptance
    • Synonym: Curry favor with
  11. Interloper
    • Definition: An intruder
    • Synonym: Trespasser
  12. Intrinsic
    • Definition: Belonging to someone or something by its very nature; inherent.
    • Antonym: Extrinsic, External
  13. Inveigh
    • Definition: To make a violent attack in words
    • Antonym: Acclaim
  14. Lassitude
    • Definition: Lack of energy
    • Synonym: Fatigue
    • Antonym: Energy
  15. Millennium
    Definition: A period of one thousand years; a period of great joy
  16. Occult
    Definition: Mysterious; Secret
  17. Permeate
    Definition: To spread through, penetrate
  18. Precipitate
    Definition: (v.) To fall as moisture; To cause or bring about suddently (n.) Moisture; The product.
  19. Stringent
    • Definition: Strict, Severe; Sharp or bitter to the taste
    • Synonym: Stern
    • Antonym: Lenient, Permissive
  20. Surmise
    • Definition: (v.) Conjecture or guess (n.) Likely idea that lacks definite proof
    • Synonym: Infer
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