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  1. Look at the world map. Is it possible to find the absolute location or the relative location of N Amer. using this map?
    Relative location
  2. Which land region connects N. Amer. and S. Amer?
    Centeral America connects N & S. Amer.
  3. Which oceans border N. Amer? In which directions are they located in relation to the continent?
    The Pacific (west), Atlantic (east), and Artic (north) borders N. Amer
  4. Which large continent is located along the Southern ocean?
  5. Study the map. Which two continents have many islands that are part of them?
    Asia and N. Amer
  6. Which continent is called both a continent and a country? Where is it located in relation to Asia?
    Australia...located southeast of Asia.
  7. Which 2 continents make up Eurasia?
    Europe and Asia
  8. If a person traveled east from the US by ship, which ocean would her/she cross, and which 2 continents could the person reach?
    Atlantic ocean and reach Europe or Asia
  9. The countries of Italy, India, and Japan are easy to picture due to their unique shapes. In which continents are they located?
    Europe and Asia
  10. The United Kingdom is made up from Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) and N. Ireland. They are island nations on which continent?
  11. There are 2 major kinds of roads on the map. What are they called.
    US highways and interstate highways
  12. Name the 2 highways that run in a north-south direction through Montana
    Interstate 15 and US highway 93
  13. Name the 2 interstate highways that run mostly in east-west direction through Montana
    Interstate highway 90 and 94
  14. If a person were to travel from Missoula to Billings (Montana), which interstate highway would he/she take?
    Interstate highway 90
  15. What does the term highway interchange mean?
    Where 2 or more highways intersect.
  16. Find the capital of Montana. It is located at the interchange of which 2 highways?
    Helena...located at the interchange of US highway 12 and Interstate 15
  17. Name all the labeled cities on Interstate 90
    Missoula, Butte, Billings, Bozeman
  18. Is Missoula closer to Hamilton, Helena, or Kalispell?
    Missoula is closer to Hamilton
  19. What happens to Interstate 15 between Great Falls and Helena?
    It becomes HWY 287
  20. Estimate the distance in miles from Billings to Glendive.
    about 200 miles
  21. When you picture a place in your mind, what kind of map are you making?
    A mental map
  22. Don't look at the map of N. Amer. Which country is north of the US and which country is south of US
    Canada is north and Mexico is south of US
  23. Look at the shape of the US on the map. Name 2 staes that border the Pacific ocean.
    California and Alaska
  24. Look at the shape of the US, Name 2 states that border Mexico.
    Arizona and Texas
  25. Picture Alaska within the borders of the US. Is Alaska larger or smaller or the same size as Texas?
  26. C. Amer. connect N. Amer to which continent? How many countries make up C. Amer?
    S. Amer. there are 4 countries that make up C. Amer
  27. Which large island is part of N. Amer but belongs to a country in Europe? Where is it located?
    Greenland and belongs to Denmark
  28. Name 5 larger N. Amer. nations that are located in the Caribbean Sea
    • Cuba
    • Haiti
    • Puerto Rico
    • Jamaica
    • Dominican Republic
  29. What is another name for a route by water?
  30. The St. Lawrence Seaway is a major waterway that links the Great Lakes with which ocean?
    Atlantic Ocean
  31. The Seaway on the map is named for which river?
    The St. Lawrence River
  32. Name 2 port cities on the St. Lawrence River. Are they located in US or Cananda?
    Motreal and Quebec in Canada
  33. Which of the Great Lakes lies entirely on the US? What is the name of the port city on the Lake?
    Lake Michigan. Chicago.
  34. What is the name of the western most port city on the Great Lakes?
  35. Which port city lies between Lake Erie and Lake Huron?
  36. Name 5 rivers that help connect the Great Lakes
    St. Claire, St. Mary, Niegra, Lawrence, and Detriot Rivers
  37. The Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes have different elevations. Which two human- made structures help ships navigate through the seaway?
    Canals and locks
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