Medical Terminology

  1. - algia
    pain & suffering
  2. hyper-
    increased excessive
  3. -ectomy
    surgical removal
  4. -megaly
  5. dys-
    bad, difficult, painful
  6. hypo-
    deficient, decreased
  7. -osis
    abnormal condition or disease
  8. -malacia
    abnormal softening
  9. hypo-
    deficient decreased
  10. -itis
  11. -necrosis
    tissue death
  12. -rrhage
    bleeding bursting forth
  13. -ostomy
    creation of artificial opening to the body surface
  14. -otomy
    surgical incision
  15. -plasty
    surgical repair
  16. -rrhaphy
    surgical suturing
  17. -scopy
    visual examination
  18. -rrhexis
  19. -sternosis
    abnormal narrowing
  20. -sclerosis
    abnormal harding
  21. -sternosis
    flow or discharge
  22. myelopathy
    any pathologic change or disease in the spinal cord
  23. hypertension
    higher than normal blood pressure
  24. natal
    pertaining to birth
  25. -pathy
  26. leukocyte
    white blood cell
  27. prognosis
    prediction of the outcome of a disease
  28. edema
    swelling caused by excess fluid in the body tissues
  29. acute
    sudden onset
  30. supination
    turning the palm of the hand upward
  31. palpation
    examination procedure
  32. prostate
    male gland
  33. lesion
    pathologic tissue change
  34. palpitation
    pounding heart
  35. laceration
    torn, ragged wound, or an accidental cut wound
  36. gasritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  37. suppuration
    formation of pus
  38. trauma
    wound or injury
  39. viral
    pertaing to a virus
  40. appendectomy
    surgical removal of the appendix
  41. eponym
    disease named for the person who discovered it
  42. inflamation
    localized response to injury or tissue destruction
  43. fissure
    groove or crack-like sore of the skin
  44. neuritis
    inflammation of a nerve
  45. tonsillitis
    inflammation of the tonsils
  46. gastrosis
    abnormal condition or disease of the stomach
  47. syndrome
    set of signs & symptoms
  48. myorrhexis
    rupture of a muscle
  49. gastraigia
    stomach pain
  50. pyoderma
    any acute pus-forming bacterial skin infection
  51. artiosclerosis
    abnormal hardening of the walls of an artery
  52. sign
    objective evidence of a diesease such as a fever
  53. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach & small intestine
  54. arthralgia
    pain in a joint
  55. dermatologist
    physician who specializes in diagnosing & treating dieseases & disorders of the skin
  56. hypertension
    lower than normal blood pressure
  57. anglography
    process of recording a radiographic study of blood vessles after the injection of a contrast medium
  58. supracostal
    above or outside the ribs
  59. differential diagonsis
    • rule out
    • attempt to determine which one of the diseasees can be producing the signs & symptoms that are present
  60. fistula
    abnormal passage usually between two internal organs or leading frm an organ to the surface of the body
  61. erythrocyte
    red blood cell
  62. arteriomalacia
    abnormal softening of the walls of the artery
  63. colostomy
    surgical creation of an opening between the colon and the body surface
  64. malaise
    feeling of general discomfort or uneasiness that is often the first indication of an infection or other diesease
  65. infection
    invasion of the body by a disease producing organism
  66. otrorhinolaryngology
    study of the ear nose & throat
  67. poliomyelitis
    viral infection of the gray matter of the spinal cord
  68. neonatology
    study of disorders of the new born
  69. endarterial
    pertaing to the interior or lining of an artery
  70. intramuscular
    within or inside the muscle
  71. abclominocentesis
    remove excess fluid from abdomen
  72. acronym
    word formed from the initial letter of the major parts of the compound term
  73. phalanges
    fingers & toe bones
  74. triage
    the medical screening of patients to dtermine their relative priority of need and the proper place of treatment
  75. diagnosis
    identification of the disease
  76. pathology
    study of all aspects of diseases
  77. pyrosis
  78. neuroplasty
    surgical repair of nerve
  79. hemorrhage
    loss of a large amount of blood in a short time
  80. arterioncrosis
    tissue death of an artery
  81. interstitial
    between but not within the parts of tissue
  82. hepatomegaly
    enlargment of the liver
  83. cardilogist
    specialist concerned with the disease with the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease
  84. rhinorrhea
    runny nose
  85. arthritis
    inflammation of a joint
  86. neonatologist
    specialist in disorders of the newborn
  87. neurotomy
    surgical incision into the nerve
  88. arthroscopy
    visual examination of the internal structure of a joint
  89. rhinalgia
    pain in the nose
  90. neuralgia
    pain in the nerve
  91. cardiotomy
    surgical incision into the heart
  92. rhinitis
    inflammation of the nose
  93. myel/o
    bone marrow & spinal cord
  94. my/o
  95. neur/o
  96. arther/o
  97. Alveol
    lungs (Alveolus, Alveoli, Alveolar)
  98. Chole
    gallbladder (Cholecystalgia, Cholelithiasis)
  99. Hepat
    liver (Hepatitis, Hepatomegaly)
  100. Mening
    brain (Meningococcus, Meningitis)
  101. Neur
    nerve (Neuron, Neuropathy, Neurology)
  102. perinatal
    time & events surrounding the birth
  103. ot/o
    ear hearing
  104. LDL
    low density lipoprotiens
  105. chore
  106. hemo
    relating to blood
  107. EEG
    electroencephalogram , electroencephalography
  108. nephr/o
  109. Ather/o
  110. CVA
    cardiovascular accident, cerebrovascular accident
  111. Neuropathy
    perpheral nervous system disorder affecting nerves anywhere except the brain or the spinal cord
  112. alveoli
    air sacs that exchange gases with the pulmonary capillary blood
  113. -lith
  114. poly
  115. kinesia
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