Chapter two

  1. Hormones
    chemicals released from endocrine systems into blood to produce bodily changes
  2. Parietal lobe
    regulates sensory processing
  3. occipital lobe
    regulates vision and visual perception
  4. Peripheral Nervous System
    Somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system
  5. Corpus Callosum
    transfers neural impluses between left and right hemisphere of the brain.
  6. neurons transmit
    info all throughout the body
  7. 3 major sections of brain
    forebrain, hindbrain, and midbrain
  8. evolutionary psychology
    principles such as natural selection and genetic mutations
  9. Dendrites and cell body
    recive info
  10. myelin sheath
    fatty insulation around some axons increasing rate of impulse
  11. Tips of branches are called
    terminal buttons
  12. axon
    carries info away from cell body
  13. dendrites
    recieve info and send impulses to the cell body
  14. hindbrain
    cerebellum, medulla, and pons
  15. neurotransmitters affect
    behavior and mental processes
  16. MRI
    Study the human brain. Magnetic resonace imaging
  17. Brains hemispheres connected by
    corpus callosm
  18. spinal cord
    recieve signals like touch and pain and send it to the brain
  19. 4 major parts of the limbic system
    thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala.
  20. cerebellum
    controlls funtions like balance and fine coordinated movement
  21. neurotransmitters
    travel through blood system
  22. hypothalamus
    regulates drives like hunger, sex, and thirst
  23. 4 parts of verebral cortex
    temporal lobe, occipital lobe, partial lobe, and frontal lobes.
  24. medulla
    regulates breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure
  25. CNS Functions
    recieve info, processes info and send info
  26. biological psychology
    study of physical and chemical changes involved in behavior and mental processes.
  27. serotonin
    affects sleep and mood
  28. Central nervous system
    spinal cord and the brain
  29. DCBA
    Dendrites, cell body, axons
  30. Soma
    cell body.
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