spanish III

  1. esperar
    to hope
  2. exigir
    to demand
  3. insistir en
    to insist (on)
  4. ojalá
    God willing; I strongly hope
  5. pedir (e-->i)
    to request
  6. preferir (e -->ie)
    to prefer
  7. querer (e-->ie)
    to want
  8. rogar (o-->ue)
    to pray, beg
  9. sugerir (e-->ie)
    to suggeset
  10. dudar que
    to doubht that
  11. no creer que
    to not belive that
  12. no estar convencido/a de que
    to not be convinced that
  13. no estar seguro/a de que
    to not be sure that
  14. no imaginarse que
    to not imagine that
  15. no parecer que
    to not seem that
  16. no pensar que
    to not think that
  17. no suponer que
    to not suppose that
  18. temer que
    to suspect,fear that
  19. caer
    • to fall; to drop
    • to fall down
  20. chocar con/contra
    to run into, bump against
  21. equivocarse
    to be wrong, make a mistake about
  22. hacerse daño
    hacerse daño en
    • to hurt oneself
    • to hurt one's (body part)
  23. levantarse con el pie
    • to get up on the wrong
    • side of the bed
  24. pedir
    to apologize
  25. pegarse en contra
    to run, bump into/against
  26. romper(se)
    to break
  27. tener buena/mala suerte
    to have good/bad luck, be (un)lucky
  28. disculpe(me)
    pardon me, i'm sorry
  29. fue sin querer
    i didn't mean it
  30. lo siento (mucho)
    i'm (very) sorry
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