Oar Commands (Lifeboat)

  1. Stand By the Oars
    Each crewmember clears oar, ships rowlock, places blade flat, on gunwale forward, inboard of person in front of them
  2. Shove off
    Inboard bowman pushes off using boathook. When ordered bowman releases sea painter.
  3. Out oars
    • Places oars in rowlocks directly from the boated position or from "Stand-By The Oars" Position. Oars horizontal, at right angles to keel,
    • blades flat.
  4. Give way together
    Blades of oars are swung forward and dipped into the water. At the command, "Together", the strok is started. At the end of the stroke, blades are feathered, swung forward, and another stroke is started.
  5. Hold water
    Complete the stroke, stop rowing, drop blade into water vertically, and gradually swing to a position at right angles to the keel, taking care not to overstress rowlock.
  6. Port (Starboard) Hold Water
    Used to turn boat more quickly. Ordered side complets stroke and holds water, other side continues to row. With boat stopped can be used with "Give Way" command to opposite side to turn boat while gathering minimal headway.
  7. Stern All
    When rowing ahead, complete the stroke, and then commence to backwater, gradually increasing the depth of the blades.
  8. Back Water
    Row in the astern direction
  9. Oars
    Complete the stroke, shop rowing, and bring the oars horizontal, at right angles to the keel, with the blades held flat.
  10. Trail oars
    Complete stroke and carefully allow oar to trail alongside, fore and aft.
  11. Bank oars
    Given from the "oars" position. Allows oarsmen to research when laying to. Oars drawn through the rowlock and rested on opposite gunwale.
  12. In Bows
    The bowmen complete the stroke, swing their oars forward, and boat them. They then stand by with boat hooks to fend off or receive a line.
  13. Way enough
    Given when approaching a landing. Complete stroke, toss oars to about 45 degrees and boat the oars, forward oars first, unship the rowlocks.
  14. Boat the oars
    From "Oars" or "Toss Oars", place the oars in the boat on side thwart, blades forward.
  15. Trail Oars
    The trim blades of the oars are brought alongside the boat and left trailing in the water in single banked boats fitted with swivel rowlocks.
  16. Toss Oars
    Complete the stroke, come to "Oars" position, raise the oars smartly to the vertical, rest handles on the footing and trim blades fore-and-aft.
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