5th grade vocab

  1. revitalize
    To bring somthing back after it declined condition or popularity; to breathe new life into somthing
  2. revive
    to bring back to life again
  3. survival
    The ability to continue living
  4. survivor
    a person who lives through a difficult event or experience
  5. vital
    necessary or essential to life
  6. vitality
    quality or state of being full of life; state of being full of energy
  7. vitamin
    a tablet of substances that are thought to promote a healthy life
  8. vivacious
    full of life; fun; lively
  9. vivid
    "as big as life"; brightly colored
  10. vivisection
    surgery on living animals; medical research that involves cutting into animals to study their parts
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5th grade vocab
vit, viv=live; life