World Religions Sikhism

  1. •Adi Granth:
    • –Means “first book” and is the primary Sikh
    • scripture

    –AKA Guru Granth Sahib
  2. •Amrit-dhari
    • –A Sikh who has received amrit
    • (nectar)
  3. •Amritser:
    –AKA Ramdaspur

    –the location of the golden temple
  4. •Baisakhi:
    • –a spring festival in which Guru Gobind
    • Singh made the order of the Khalsa
  5. Bala
    • –Hindu
    • companion of Nanak who never became a Sikh.
  6. •Dasam Granth:
    • –(tenth
    • book) compiled by the Tenth Guru (Gobind Singh) and is secondary scripture to the Adi Granth.
  7. •Guru:
    • –spiritual
    • leader. There is only one Guru – God, the inner voice; but earthly gurus make
    • the divine present in the community.
  8. •Gurdwara:
    –a Sikh temple.
  9. Haumai
    –pride or ego
  10. Kaur

    –name a woman takes when she enters the Khalsa.
  11. Khalsa
    –the sikh order; “the pure ones”
  12. Langar
    –Community meal
  13. Mardana
    • –the Muslim minstrel who was Nanak’s companion
    • during his preaching tours and who never became a Sikh
  14. Miri
    • –Sword worn by Guru Hargobind which signifies
    • secular power.
  15. Mukti
    • –release from the rounds of rebirth; same as
    • Sanskrit moksha
  16. Nanak
    –the founder of Sikhism and the first Guru
  17. Nath
    • –a Hindu tradition focusing on the interior search
    • for God
  18. Piri
    • –One of the swords worn by Guru Hargobind
    • which represents spiritual power
  19. Ramdaspur
    –Town founded by the 3rd Guru

    –Known as Amritser today
  20. Ram Das:
    • –Guru who Laid the foundation for the Golden
    • Temple
  21. •Samsara:
    • –The eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death, and
    • rebirth.
  22. •Sanghat:
    –the company of illuminated and enlightened souls
  23. •Sant:
    • –a Hindu tradition believing in devotion to God,
    • who is formless
  24. •Seva:
    • Service
  25. Sikh
    • –a
    • follower of Nanak and a word meaning “disciple”
  26. Simran
  27. Singh
    • –The
    • name that a male member of the Khalsa takes meaning “Lion.”
  28. •True Name:
    • –God
    • cannot be captured in a name, and therefore he is simply called “True Name.”

    •Satnam – the true name
  29. Founder
    • •Guru
    • Nanak


    –Born in Talwandi, present day Pakistan

    –Sat and meditated
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