Ch1 bio

  1. The Characteristics of life.
    All living things are composed of cells, living things require energy, raw material, maintain homeostasis, respond to their external environment, gorw and reproduce, and evolve over many generations.
  2. Understand the defining features of humans.
    Humans walk on two legs (bipedal) and can grasp small objects between the tips of the thumb and first finger. Humans also have large brains relative to body mass, and the capacity for complex spoken and written language.
  3. Levels of Organization in human biology
    is at the heart of a number of current issues in our society. Humans along with all their organisms live in a world that is highly organized. From atoms to cells, and from community to biosphere, each level of biological organization is increasingly inclusive.
  4. Are dietary supplements safe and effective
    No they are not. they just put un necessary objects in our bodies and it goes in one way and out the other way.
  5. A.Scientific Method
    process of scientific knowledge is aquired.
  6. Controlled experiement
    an experiment designed and controlled under strictly controlled conditions.
  7. Theory
    main hypothesis that has with stood the test of repeated experimentation.
  8. Eukarya
    The Process of science. All organisms whose cells have nuclei fall into the third doman whis is Eukarya.
  9. Monera
    comprises the bacteria, some of the oldest, smallest, most successful organisms on Earth.
  10. Technology
    application of science.
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