Vocabulary Quiz 4

  1. Dissent
    difference in opinion, religious noncomformity
  2. Unadultarated
    pure, unmixed
  3. ideology
    core beliefs, visionary theory, systematic body of concepts
  4. post-totalitarian
    after practice of totalitarianism
  5. classical
    standard, classic, autoritative, traditional
  6. reproached
    to express disappointment in or displeasure with person for conduct that is blameworthy or in need of amendment, syn: reprove
  7. irrepressible
    imposible to repress, restrain or control
  8. tranquil
    free from disturbanance or turmoil. Syn: steady, stable, calm
  9. subliminal
    inadequate to produce a sensation or a perception, existing beyond conscious awareness.
  10. unequivocal
    leaving no doubt, clear, unambiguous
  11. disinterested
    frre from bias, selfish motive or interest.
  12. inglorious
    lacking fame or honor, not glorious. sin: shameful, ignominious
  13. modus Vivendi
    a manner of living, a way of life
  14. excusatory
    making or containing excuse
  15. permeated
    to spread or diffuse through
  16. farcical
    absurd, ludicrous
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