Dental Materials

  1. a defining characteristic of a solid is that it has
    a.shape and volume
    b shape only
    c. neither shape nor volume
    d. volume but no shape
    a. shape and volume
  2. the most stable primary bonds

    C. have regular crystalline structures
  3. the correct term for describing when an applied stress is proportional to a resulting strain is

    C. ultimate strength
  4. when the weight of a material increases in relationship to its volume this is described as

    C. dense
  5. hardness determines the materials ability to

    C. penetrate an object
  6. when deformation is not permanent and a material recovers it has good?

    A. elasticity
  7. resistance to flow is known as

    A. viscosity
  8. thixotropic materials are those that

    D. flow under mechanical forces
  9. indirect restorative materials would include all of the following except

    C. amalgam restorations
  10. mixing time is the length of time from

    B. beginning of mixing to the beginning of working time
  11. a material mixed slowly on a cooled glass surface will

    D. have a longer setting time and working time
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