Arch 351 Midterm Key Terms

  1. Aisle
    a lateral division of a Christian church or an ancient Roman basilica parallel to a the main central space of the nave and separated from it by arches
  2. Ambulatory
    a processional passageway around a shrine or flanking the apse of a Christian church
  3. Apse
    a vaulted, semicircular or semi-polygonal wall recess or extension of a hall, short end of a Roman basilica or sanctuary end of Christian church
  4. Blind arcade
    a covered walkeway with a series of arches on columns or piers attached to a wall
  5. Barrel vault
    a continous semicircular vault that extends in a straight line, a vault is an arched ceiling or roof
  6. Baptistery
    in Christian architecture, central-planned structure, octagonal, marked by a ceremonial application of water
  7. Bay
    a regularly repeated spatial unit of a building or wall defined by vaults, windows, orders, or other prominent vertical features. Cathedrals/Basilicas
  8. Boss
    an ornamental knob or projection at the intersection of ribs
  9. Clerestory
    the elevated range of windows in a wall that rises above adjacent roofs
  10. Cloister
    a covered walkway around a monastery courtyard, or the whole courtyard and walkway complex
  11. Colonnette
    a small, thin column especially to support an arcade
  12. Flying buttress
    an arch or half-arch that transfers the weight of a vault or roof from an upper part of a wall to a lower support
  13. Gallery
    an upper storey open on one side to a building's main interior space or to the exterior. In a church, a gallery runs above an aisle and opens onto the nave
  14. Groin vault
    vault formed by the right-angle intersection of two barrel vaults of the same shape
  15. Iwan
    an Islamic open vaulted hall, onto the central courtyard of a mosque, facing the direction of prayer towards qiblah wall w 2 minarets, monuemnts, fountains
  16. Lancent window
    a narrow window and is topped with a pointed arch (F and E Gothic)
  17. Mihrab
    a wall recess (a niche) in a Muslim religious building indicating the direction of Mecca
  18. Minaret
    a tall slender tower of a mosque, from which the faithfu are called to prayer
  19. Narthex
    the entryway of gathering room leading into an Early Christian church
  20. Nave
    • in an ancient Roman basilica, the taller central space lit by the clerestory and flanked by aisles
    • in a Christian church, the central space of the western arm from the entrance to the crossing and flanked by aisles
  21. Pendentive
    a curving triangle surface at the corners of a square or polygonal room that makes a transition from the room shape to a circular dome
  22. Pier
    a solid masonry support, often rectangular or square
  23. Pilaster
    a shallow, flattened, rectangular column or pier attached to a wall and often modeled on a column
  24. Qiblah
    the wall in a mosque in which the mihrab is set, oriented to Mecca
  25. Ribbed vault
    a web of ribs supports or seems to support the vault, an arched ceiling roof
  26. Rose window
    a large round medieval window with tracery, frequently found on Gothic church facades
  27. Tierceron rib
    a secondary rib that rises from a wall pier to the ridge rib, between the main diagonal and transverse ribs
  28. Tracery
    a pattern of curvilinear, perforated ornament within the upper part of a medieval window or screen used decoratively on arches and vaults
  29. Transcept
    the transverse arms of a cross-shaped church, crossing the nave at a right angle (High Gothic in France - Notre Dame C, Chartres, France)
  30. Triforium
    in a medieval Christian church, a shallow arcaded passageway or gallery of arches opening onto the nave above the nave arcade and below the clerestory
  31. Tympanum
    Semi-circular decorative wall surface over an entrance bound by a lintel and arch
  32. Westwork
    the elaborated west end of a Carolingian or Romanesque church. It has an entrance hall with a room above that opens onto the nave, topped w a broad tower
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Arch 351 Midterm Key Terms
Arch 351 Midterm Key Terms