Chapter 1

  1. CST
    Central Service Technologist
  2. CRNA
    Certified Registered Nurse- Anethesia
  3. PREP
    Anything that happens before surgery
  4. AST
    Association of Surgical Technologist
  5. ARC-ST
    Accreditation Review Committee on education in surgical technology
  6. Surgical Conscience
    Morality applied to the healthcare field both professionally and personally.Also liability and responsibility.
  7. Urgent Surgery
    Surgical pathology that needs to be performed in a short period of time.Patient's vitals are stable.
  8. Emergent Surgery
    Surgical pathology that needs to be performed in a short peroid of time. Life and limb endangered.
  9. Surgical Technology
    Allied Health Field of study. Studies inside and outside the OR, includes both sterile and non sterile team members.
  10. Surgical Technologist
    A health care professional that specializes in surgical procedures and cares for patients immediately before and after surgery.
  11. Elective Surgery
    Does not need to be performed immediately. Can be scheduled for a later date.
  12. Optional Surgery
    Not needed to protect life or limb.
  13. Non Sterile Team Members:
    • Circulator (usually a nurse)
    • Anesthesiologist
  14. Sterile Team Members:
    • Surgeon
    • Surgical Technologists
    • Surgical Assistant
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