vocab unit 1

  1. acquisitive
    • able to get and retain ideas or information
    • syn: greedy
  2. arrogate
    • to claim or take without right
    • syn: commandeer
    • ant: abandon
  3. banal
    • hackneyed, trite, lacking in freshness because of excessive use
    • syn: stale
    • ant: fresh, original, new
  4. belabor
    • to work on excessively
    • syn: overwork
  5. carping
    • tending to find fault, petty, nagging criticism
    • syn: nit-picking
    • ant: approving, uncritical
  6. coherent
    • holding or sticking together, meaningful, making a logical whole
    • syn: connected
  7. congeal
    to change from liquid to solid, thicken
  8. emulate
    • to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model
    • syn: rival, copy
  9. eschew
    • to avoid, shun, keep away from
    • syn: steer clear of
    • ant: embrace, adopt
  10. germane
    • relevant, appropiate
    • ant: irrelevant, extraneous
  11. insatiable
    • so great or demanding as not to be satisfied
    • syn: unquenchable
  12. intransigent
    • refusing to compromise
    • syn: uncompromisable
  13. invidious
    • offensive, hateful, tending to cause bitterness and resentment
    • syn: malicious, spiteful
    • ant: flattering, complimentary
  14. largesse
    generosity in giving, lavish or bountiful contributions
  15. reconnaissance
    a survey made for military purposes, any kind of preliminary inspection or examination
  16. substantiate
    • to establish by evidence, prove, to give concrete or substantial form to
    • syn: verify, confirm, validate, athenticate
    • ant: refute, disprove, invalidate
  17. taciturn
    • habitually silent or quiet, inclined to talk very little
    • syn: uncommunicative
    • ant: verbose
  18. temporize
    • to stall or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid a confrontation, or postpone e decision
    • syn: procrastinate
  19. tenable
    capable of being held or defended
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