The Reformation Vocabulary

  1. Patron
    person who provides financial support for the arts
  2. Humanism
    intellectual movement at the heart of the Italian Renaissance
  3. Humanities
    study of subjects taught in Ancient Greece and Rome
  4. Perspective
    artistic techinique used to give drawings and paintings a 3-D effect
  5. engraving
    art form in which an artist etches a design on a metal plate with acid then uses it to make prints
  6. vernacular
    everyday language amongst ordinary people
  7. utopian
    someone in an ideal society
  8. indulgence
    a pardon for sins committed
  9. rectant
    give up someone's views and beliefs
  10. predestination
    idea that God long ago determined who will gain salvation
  11. theocracy
    government run by religious leaders
  12. annul
    cancel or invalidate
  13. canonize
    recognize one as a saint
  14. compromise
    acceptance; middle ground
  15. scapegoat
    someone forced to take punishment for anothers crimes
  16. ghetto
    a separate section of a city where members of a minority are forced to live
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