Compostion & Critical Thinking

  1. What are factual claims?
    They state something that could be true or false.
  2. What are normative claims?
    They state that something is either good or bad, value judgements.
  3. What are conceptual claims?
    Claims that are true in all possible worlds.
  4. What are ostensive definitions?
    They are definitions of examples.
  5. What is a lexical definition?
    It's a dictionary definition.
  6. What is a stipulate definition?
    Are definitions that stimulates how a new term is to be used from now on.
  7. What is an operational definition?
    They are definitions that require a procedure or operation.
  8. What is a circular definition?
    Definitions that use the word it's trying to define.
  9. What are reformative definitions?
    Are definitions intended to improve definitions.
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