Geography pages 63-73

  1. Core
    Earth’s center
  2. Mantle
    The zone that has most of earths mass
  3. Magma
    Liquid rock in earth
  4. The theory of Plate tectonics
    The theory of how forces within the planet create landforms
  5. Continental drift
    The plates slowly move across the upper mantle usually less than an inch per year
  6. Pangea
    Previous super continent
  7. Rift valleys
    Places on earths surface where the crust stretches until it breaks
  8. Abyssal plains
    Rocks of the ocean floors gradually sink because they have no supporting heat below them
  9. Continental shelves
    The continental surface extends under the shallow ocean water around the continents
  10. Folds
    Places where rocks have been compressed into bends
  11. Faults
    Places where rock masses have broken apart and moved away from eachother
  12. Weathering
    When rocks break and decay over time
  13. Sediment
    Smaller particles of gravel, sand, and mud broken down from rocks in weathering
  14. Erosion
    The movement of surface material from one place to another
  15. Glaciers
    Thick masses of ice
  16. Plateau
    An elevated flatland that rises sharply above nearby land on at least one side
  17. Alluvial fan
    This is a fan shaped deposit of mud and gravel often found along the bases of mountains
  18. Delta
    Accumulation of sediment at the mouth of a river
  19. Desalinization
    Process of removing salt from ocean water
  20. Hydrologic cycle
    The movement of water through the hydrosphere
  21. Headwaters
    First and smallest streams formed from the runoff of a mountain, eventually forming rivers
  22. Tributary
    Any smaller stream or river that flows into any bigger stream or river
  23. Watershed or drainage basin
    The whole region drained by a river and its tributaries
  24. Estuaries
    Semi enclosed bodies of water, seawater, and freshwater formed where a river meets an inlet of the sea
  25. Wetlands
    Any landscape that is covered in water for at least part of the year
  26. Groundwater
    Water found below ground
  27. Water table
    The level at which all spaces are filled with water
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Geography pages 63-73
Geography pages 63-73