Geography pages 74-76, 82-83

  1. Soil
    Natural material that includes both rocky sediment and organic matter
  2. Humus
    Broken down plant and animal material
  3. Leaching
    Moves the nutrients out of the reach of plants roots
  4. Contour plowing
    It controls erosion and it goes across the hill
  5. Soil exhaustion
    When a field suffers nutrient loss due to the planting of crops every year
  6. Crop rotation
    Planting different crops in alternating years
  7. Irrigation
    When water is supplied artificially to dry regions to support falling
  8. Soil salinization
    Salt build up in the soil
  9. Deforestation
    Is the destruction or loss of forests
  10. Acid rain
    When air pollution contaminates the water vapor in the air
  11. Biomes
    Plant and animal communities that cover large land areas
Card Set
Geography pages 74-76, 82-83
Geography pages 74-76, 82-83