Ancient India

  1. According to hinduism, who is the one supreme God? What does he do and what other things are a part of him?
    Brahman is the one supreme god that creates, maintains, destroys, and recreates. Everything is a part of Brahman.
  2. Hindus worship many gods and godesses, but they believe the gods ___________________________.
    are all aspects of the one supreme god, Brahman.
  3. What is Dharma?
    Dharma is your duty or moral responsibility.
  4. What is Karma?
    Karma is the total good and bad actions a human soul carries with it from life to life. (What goes around comes aound.)
  5. What is Samsara?
    Samsara is the continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth/reincarnation. The goal of a Hindu's life is to be released from samsarra and be united with Brahman. (this is called moksha)
  6. How is Karma, Dharma, and Samsara connected?
    If you do your darma, then it will lead to good/bad karma, thus aging you to samsarra, which decides whether or not you should be reborn human. This repeats until you have done right, thus leading you to moksha.
  7. Where did people settle?
    People settled mostly along the Indus river because of its fertile farmland. Others settled in areas near Brahmaputra river and Himalaya mountains, close to the Indus. This area is known as Mohenjo Daro.
  8. Name some artifacts/achievements that were in Mohenjo Daro.
    • scales & weights- system of jobs/ stable food supply
    • the great bath- system of government
    • necklaces- specialization of jobs/culture
    • statues- specialization of jobs/religion/culture
    • seals/money- culture
    • wells- specialization of jobs/stable food supply/system of government
    • homes- system of government
    • games- culture/specialization of jobs
    • toy chariots- culture/specialization of jobs
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