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  1. What are the 4 criteria of an intimate relationship?
    • 1. Interdependence- you depend on each other but you have your own independence.
    • * Bidirectional- give and take
    • * Continuous- on going behavior.
    • 2. Personal relationships
    • * Unique relationship- friendship or people you
    • know in class
    • * Not as based on social connections- scripted
    • relationship like hairdress or bar tender. The
    • only way they know you is through something.
    • 3. Closeness- different in many ways
    • 4. Intimacy
    • * Sexual passion
    • * Sexual encounters- you dont have to have sex
    • but the idea that their is potential
  2. What is the importance of intimate relationships?
    • A basic feature of who we are as humans
    • Have important consequences like the study about hand holding and they had less chance of dying from a heart problem.
  3. T or F:Married people have a higher survival rate than non-married people
  4. T or F: People who suffer from divorce have a higher rate of heart attack
  5. Evolutionary Theory:
    • Important concepts:
    • 1. Natural selection- genes being passed on
    • 2. oxytocin= chemical in the brain that is released when you have physical contact
    • 3. Amygdala and hypothalmus= OH SHIT! part of the brain, links to sex and love
    • Universal Human experience- intimate relationships are universal
  6. What is between v. within differences?
    • gender, ses, sexual preference, culture, ethnic background, race etc.
    • * There are differences within families etc.
  7. What is the difference between individualistic and collectivistic cultures?
    • Individualistic= more individual
    • Collectivistic= more group aspect ( your going to ask their opinion before doing anything by yourself)

    * marriage as an institution is related to large scale demographic changes and laws are changing with cohabation

    *Marriage is about love and companionship
  8. Are love and intimacy the same thing?
  9. Love and intimacy are not the same thing. Why?
    Just because you love someone doesn't mean your intimate with them.

    *You love your mom but you are not intimate with her
  10. Intimacy
    Physical attribute to sex

    *Most intimate relationships are based on love
  11. Consequences of Intimate relationships
    • Subjective well being
    • Causality
    • Selection effects
    • Protection effects
  12. What is included in subjective well-being?
    • Relationship types= single, cohabation, married, divorced
    • Relationship quality= how good is the relationship?
    • Relationship transition= good or bad
  13. Which domain is more important? Intimate relationship, work, finances, friendship, community, or health?
    No one thing is the best answer and will be differenet based on each persons relationship and what is important to them. Intimate relationships can influence many things on this list
  14. What is causality?
    Cause on. Which came first the chicken or the egg? things effect other things
  15. What is Selection effects?
    people will select themselves into own relationships or things like career, age, cohabation, religion
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