1. What is good stress called?
  2. What is it called when you have feelings of sadness, helplessness, lack of interest, and loneliness?
    clinical depression
  3. What type of person is more prone to stress?
    Type A
  4. What type of person is calmer, less intense and tends to live longer?
    Type B
  5. What is it when you watch TV excessively and avoid dealing with an issue?
    Temporary withdrawal
  6. severe mood swings, hallucinations, and disorientation are signs of what?
  7. Unable to deal effectively with anxiety
    Neurotic Behavior
  8. exaggerated sadness and hopelessness, feelings of sadness, helplessness, lack of interest in everyday life and with drawing from others.
  9. extreme emotional reactions occur to the point of physical reactions
  10. excessive fears of people, things or situations
  11. constant state of worry
  12. 7 characteristics, with examples, of an MA are?
    • Discreet (prudent/cautious)
    • Enthusiastic (interested/ excited)Tactful (thoughtful, careful/ diplomatic)Adaptable (willing/ compliant)
    • Punctual (accurate/precise)
    • Reliable (dependable/ honesty)
    • Self-control (willpower/constraint)
  13. What is a document that identifies the areas of practice and competencies required for the occupation of Medical Assisant?
  14. What is the primary purpose of the AAMA? (American Association of Medical Assistants)
    To raise the standards of the MA to the professional level.
  15. Who are the only two licensed physicians that must satisfactorily complete the board examinations?
    DO & MD
  16. One who specialized in the study of the structure and function of the brain and related mental processes?
  17. One who is trained in the art of drawing blood for dianostic laboratory testing, now called a phelbotomist?
    Accessioning Technician
  18. One that treats minor injuries, sutures wounds, applied splints and casts, examines patients, orders and interprets lab and x-ray procedures, makes preliminary diagnoses and works directly under a physician is called?
    Physician Assistant (PA)
  19. Professional nurse that attended a state approved school and passed the National Council Licensure exam and is licensed to practice by individual states is called what?
    Registered Nurse (RN)
  20. Who was Polish born, won the Noble Prize in chemistry, discovered radium which led to cancer treatment, and lived from 1867-1934?
    Marie Curie
  21. Who was a Civil war nurse, founder of the Red Cross in 1881 and lived from 1821-1912?
    Clara Barton
  22. Who was the founder of modern nursing and lived 1820-1910?
    Florence Nightingale
  23. Who was the first woman doctor in the US and lived from 1821-1910?
    Elizabeth Blackwell
  24. Who was a London surgeon that laid the foundation for medical asepsis using carbolic acid to disinfect during surgery?
    Joseph Lister
  25. Who was the "Father of Medicine" born in Greek (460-377BC), known for being the great Great physician and founder of scientific medicine?
  26. What is the name of the symbol for the medical profession?
  27. MA's may be asked to move things, lift, and carry equipment, supplies and sometimes patients?
  28. It is not rare for an MA for be asked to help doctors write a paper to be presented to the medical community?
  29. Patient communication include Computer/videotapes/journals Social service agencies/ hospice Visting nurse association/ CD-ROMS which are known as what?
    Community Resources
  30. What provides information on employee- employer relationships?
    Employee Policy Manual or Personnel Policy Manual
  31. What describes how to carry out tasks in a particular medical practice?
    Office procedure manual
  32. What is the primary purpose of employee evaluations?
    • Motivation
    • Encouragement
    • Direction
  33. What is the primary reason for holding staff meetings?
    To improve communication among everyone.
  34. Organizing the administrative duties by categories to organize the office is called what?
    Systems Approach to Office Management
  35. Name 3 steps to a Professional Physical Appearances?
    • Careful Grooming
    • Good Hygene
    • Correct Dress
  36. What are 3 main duties of the receptionist?
    • Greeting pt's
    • Maintain a clean safe waiting room
    • Manage disturbances in the waiting room
  37. Who provides a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities?
    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  38. Security on your computer should prevent what?
    A patient being able to see another patients computerized records.
  39. What do you call programs or sets of instructions that allow the computer to perform its functions?
  40. What do you call all parts of the computer that you can see or touch?
  41. Name 3 typical pieces of administrative equipment?
    • Calculator
    • Computer
    • Telephone
  42. What are 4 things that should be considered for an efficient office design?
    • Room Temp (74 deg)
    • Office furniture layout
    • Exam rooms
    • Bathrooms
  43. What is the science that deals with people's performance and good health while carrying out job tasks ans operating office equipment?
  44. Correct body mechanics can help prevent injury?
  45. Biological hazards include which 3 types of medical waste?
    • Solid
    • Radioactive
    • Infectious
  46. Electrical safety includes doing what with electrical equipment, according to manufacturer's instuctions
    Equipment should be grounded or connected to a ground.
  47. Patient Safety is best remember by RACE, which stands for?
    • Remove
    • Activate
    • Contain
    • Extinguish
  48. Personal safety measures would include what?
    Shoes should cover the entire foot.
  49. 3 General office safety measures would be?
    • Walk, never run
    • Always walk on the right
    • Keep floors clean & clear
  50. Where should you file the signed authorization for release of information?
    In the patients record
  51. What must you receive before divulging patient information
    Written authorization from patient
  52. What right does the patient have in regards to their medical records
    To keep information confidential
  53. Who owns Patient records?
    The physician
  54. What are legal documents that are important to keep accurate and up to date and may be used for research into certain illnesses or forms of treatment
    Medical Records
  55. What is a law that designates a specific limit of time during which a claim may be filed in malpractice suits or in the collection of bills?
    Statute of Limitations
  56. What is the french term for a request to appear in court with patient records?
    Subpoena duces tecum
  57. What protects a physician who provides emergency care from liablility for damages
    Good Samaritan Act
  58. Who is held responsible if the MA does not obtain a consent prior to a patient having surgery is not signed?
    The Physician
  59. What is the term for "Let the master answer"
    Respondent superior
  60. What is the French words for "The thing speaks for itself"
    Res ipsa loquitur
  61. What are the 3 main reasons listed for negligence?
    • Abandonment
    • Defamation
    • Libel
  62. What is the primary cause of malpractice suits?
  63. What are the 3 parts of a Physician - Patient Contract?
    • Offer
    • Acceptance
    • Consideration
  64. Unauthorized touching of another person
  65. Deliberate attempt or threat to touch without consent
  66. Spoken statement of defamation
  67. Written statement of defamation
  68. To attack the reputation of a person or group
  69. Negligent injury during the course of professional duties
  70. Which law covers violations for: malpractice Defamation Libel Slander Assault Battery
    Tort Law
  71. What law deals with the offenses against all citizens?
    Criminal Law
  72. What does HIPAA (Health Insurance Portablility and Accountability Act provide?
    Provides for patient privacy
  73. If incapacitated, this gives pts legal options for refusing or accepting treatment.
    Medical Miranda Warning
  74. What are 3 requirements of organ & tissue donation according to the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act passed in 1968?
    • Must be of sound mind
    • Must be of legal age
    • May donate any body part for research or transplant
  75. The Code Of Ethics sets forth principles of moral conduct to make sure the medical staff provides what?
    Competent medical service
  76. Ethical standards concerning moral rights and wrongs established by the profession is administered by who?
    By peer review
  77. In harrasment cases the person sueing has to be the person being harrassed
  78. Know the differences in MA duties, admin, clinic, and both
  79. What is the main body part used for good body mechanics?
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