english vocab

  1. acculturation
    the modification of social patterns or traits
  2. anomalous
    abnormal or irregular
  3. approbation
    the expression of approval or favorable opinion
  4. autonomy
    political control, self-government
  5. bombastic
    full of high-sounding words intended to conceal a lack of ideas
  6. circuitous
    not direct
  7. concoct
    to prepare by combining ingredients
  8. demagogue
    a leader who exploits popular prejudices and false claims
  9. enjoin
    to direct or order
  10. erudite
    scholarly, bookish
  11. expostulate
    to attempt to dissuade someone from a decision
  12. fractious
    tending to be troublesome
  13. hackneyed
    used so often as to lack of freshness
  14. ingratiate
    to make oneself agreeable
  15. innuendo
    a hint
  16. megalomania
    a delusion marked by a feeling of power
  17. mitigate
    to make milder or softer
  18. occult
  19. peculate
    to steal something that has been given into one's trust
  20. pillage
    to rob of goods by open force
  21. propensity
    a natural inclination
  22. punctilious
    very careful and exact
  23. querulous
  24. sleazy
    thin or flimsy in texture
  25. soporific
    fending to cause sleep
  26. surreptitious
  27. tenuous
    thin, slender not tense
  28. unctous
    excessively smooth/smug
  29. vapid
    dull, uninteresting
  30. vitrialic
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