1. Freedom of religion, Speech, and the Press; Rights of Assembly and petition
    First Amendment
  2. Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    2nd Amendment
  3. Quartering of Soldiers
    3rd Amendment
  4. Searches and Seizures
    4th Amendment
  5. Rights of the Accused in Criminal Cases
    5th Amendment
  6. Right to a fair trial
    6th Amendment
  7. Rights in Civil Trials
    7th Amendment
  8. Bails, Fines, and Punishments
    8th Amendment
  9. Enumeration of the Rights of the people
    9th Amendment
  10. Powers Reserved to the States
    10th Amendment
  11. Lawsuits against states (1795)
    11th Amendment
  12. Election of President and Vice President (1804)
    12th Amendment
  13. Abolition of Slavery (1865)
    13th Amendment
  14. Civil Rights of Citizens, Especially Negroes (1868)
    14th Amendment
  15. Negro Suffrage (1870)
    15th Amendment
  16. Income Taxes (1913)
    16th Amendment
  17. Popular Election of Senators (1913)
    17th Amendment
  18. Prohibition of intoxicating Liquors (1919)
    18th Amendment
  19. Woman Suffrage (1920)
    19th Amendment
  20. Terms of the President and Congress; death of the President-Elect (1933)
    20th Amendment
  21. Repeal of the 18th Amendment (1933)
    21st Amendment
  22. Presidental Tenure (1951)
    22nd Amendment
  23. Suffrage in the District of Colombia (1961)
    23rd Amendment
  24. Right to Vote in Presidental Elections- Poll taxes Abolished (1964)
    24th Amendment
  25. Presidental succession; vice-presidential vacancy; Presidental disability (1967)
    25th Amendment
  26. Suffrage for 18 year-olds
    26th Amendment
  27. Congressional Pay (1992)
    27th Amendment
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