BMR Assignment 3

  1. Is the assignment of a sponsor is mandatory in the case of PCS Orders?
  2. The transfer or exchange of enlisted personnel uniform items must be authorized by?
  3. How many pairs of fire retardant dungaree shirts and trousers are required in a seabag?
  4. Can military personnel wear authorized military uniform articles of clothing with civilian clothing including shoes, gloves, and watch cap?
  5. Occupation groups are ID'ed by what means?
    Rate mark worn on the left sleeve
  6. What is a striker mark?
    Specialty mark of a particular rating, worn by E1-E3 personnel who have qualified for the rating
  7. How many years of service are required for 1 service hash mark?
    Four Years
  8. How many years of continuous service are required before you can wear gold stripes?
    Twelve Years
  9. How can you differentiate between a Line & Staff Officer?
    Line Officer will have a "Star" on sleeve or shoulder board
  10. How many catagories of awards are there?
  11. In what year was the Purple Heart founded by George Washington?
  12. To help subordinates grow, you should follow what practices?
    • Provide timely feedback
    • Provide on the job training
    • ID strengths and weaknesses
  13. If a person commits an act of discrimination, the CO can take what actions?
    • Assign lower eval marks
    • Award NJP
    • Submit recommendation for NJP
  14. NR& R workshop is conducted by who?
  15. What subject is not covered in NR& R workshops?
    Combat Skills
  16. Info regarding equal opportunity in command records can not be found through?
  17. NJP is also known as?
    Captains Mast
  18. What article impowers the CO to impose punishment for minor offenses to both officers and enlisted?
    Art 15
  19. How Per UCMJ, punishment must be imposed within what timeframe?
    Within 2 years
  20. How many beneficiaries can you list under the Survivor Benifit Plan?
    Only 1
  21. What must be completed before switching over to Fleet Reserves?
    • 2 years at current duty station
    • Submit NAVPERS 1830/1
    • Sumit NAVPERS 1070/621 or 1070/622
  22. What is not an effective element of a training program?
  23. Correspondence Courses, Onboard Training Packages, & Computer Aided training are considered?
    Self Study
  24. What is the most common cause of mishaps in the Navy?
    Lack of knowledge or skill
  25. What publication contain pages that make good safety poster?
  26. First Line supervisors should hold random, informal inspections for hazards how often?
  27. What personnel should be persent during a safety inspection?
    Personnel who work in the space
  28. The basic guidance for NAVOSH is found in what pub?
    OPNAVINST 5100.23B
  29. To accomplish the objective of hte Hearing Conservation Program, what actions should be taken?
    • Survey Workspaces
    • Require periodic hearing tests
    • Educate personnel in the causes of hearing loss
  30. What is the most common work related source of noise?
    High Speed Tools
  31. Personnel should wear double hearing protection at what prescribed sound level?
  32. In areas where corrosive materials are presnt what items need to be available?
    • Protective eyewear
    • Eyewash facilities
    • Warning Signs
  33. What contaminate is formed from condensed vaporized solids?
  34. What is the maximum number of ribbons that may be worn in each row?
  35. The Good Conduct Medal is an example of what type of award?
    Campaign or Service Award
  36. Under what circumstance may you surrender your ID card?
    • To show change in rank
    • To correct an error
    • To effect a name change
  37. According to groomming standards for men, how many rings can be worn on each hand?
  38. Enlist E6 and below females can wear what type of earrings?
    6mm ball silver
  39. When in ranks, the chest of one person and the back of the other person is how far?
    40 inches
  40. What is the distance of a full pace for men and women?
    • Men 30"
    • Women 24"
  41. At what fomation position is tal permitted?
  42. When the command close ranks is given to members in formation, the 4th rank moves how many paces?
    3 Paces
  43. Your rights are found under what UCMJ Article?
  44. Per Art 15 the CO can impose how many types of punishment at mast?
  45. Per Art 15 of the UCMJ, you have how many days to appeal a punishment?
    Five Days
  46. What is not considered a priviledge?
  47. The Command Managed Equal Opportunity Program (CMEO) directs the command to take what actions?
    • Create and maintain a positve climate w/ the command
    • ID and resolve equal opportunity climate w/ the command
    • Ensure that merit, ability, performance, & potential are the only factors that affect individual promotion, training, & duty assignments.
  48. A command w/ 250 persoonel should have how many Command Training Team members?
  49. What term ID's the port and starboard halves of the yard
  50. The national ensign is flown form what part of the ship when anchored?
  51. Ship i nthe Navy are divided into how many different catagories?
  52. How many types of ships are included in the Warship catagory?
  53. What type of ship is the center of the modern navy Task Group?
    Aircraft Carrier
  54. How many aircraft are on a Nimitz Class Carrier?
  55. What class of Cruiser is designated as battle force capable?
  56. What class of Destroyer represents a return to all steel consttuction?
    Arleigh Burke Class
  57. What class of subs is the quietest?
  58. the Ohio Class Subs has how many Trident missle tubes?
  59. Where is the Unionjack located?
    On Jackstaff
  60. Where is the Ensign located when underway?
    Gaff (Aftermast)
  61. How many inches above the left breast pocket are ribbons worn?
    1/4 inch
  62. When was the rank of Chief Petty Officer first mnetioned?
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