1. The process of industrialization tends to promote...
    • Neither urbanization
    • or greater religious faith.
  2. The domesticaton of plants and animals led to the development of in the worlds hearths.
    • Civilization
    • Culture
  3. Untill about 10,000 years ago, humans were exclusively...
    Hunters and gatherers
  4. Out of all world regions, which one is the wealthiest, which is the poorest, which has the most people?
    • U.S.A is the wealthiest
    • Pacific World has the most people
    • Africa South of the Sahara is the poorest
  5. What is the difference between a formal region and a functional region?
    A formal region is legally defined, a functional region is based on an activity or practice.
  6. Dependency Theory Sates that the world wide economic pattern of today is mainly a continuation of patterns established...
    During the European Colonial Era.
  7. Advocates of globalization argue that the LDC's will benefit from globalization because...
    Reducing trade barriers will allow them to compete in the world economy.
  8. The MDC's are characterized by...
    Low population growth rates.
  9. The industrial revlution began in around the year .
    • Europe
    • 1750
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