HTC 4G.txt

  1. The HTC Inspire 4G supports what type of camera?
    8MP with auto focus and dual led flash
  2. 4G Speed - How fast is the phone?
    Network speeds up to 4X faster than currents speeds, phone will support HSPA+ 14.4
  3. Next generation HTC Sense supports what?
    Remote device location, lock, wipes, and call management
  4. Mobile Hot Spot support allows what?
    Mobile broadband connection with up to 5 devices. Will require data pro + tethering plan.
  5. DLNA Certified means what?
    Wirelessly access and share media with other DLNA products - TVs
  6. True or Flase:
    This phone will support flash based web pages
  7. What Google services are included on this phone?
    YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Google Voice, Google Talk, Google 3D Maps
  8. The HTC Inspire 4G is running which Android Operating System
  9. Is the HTC Inspire 4G wifi capable, and if so what formats?
    Yes, supports wifi b,g and n.
  10. How much RAM does the HTC Inspire 4G support?
    768 MB RAM
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