Civil War Battles

  1. Virginia-people picnicked and watched, McDowell comanded Union, stone bridge destroyed, Stonewall Jackson got nickname, captured railway junction
    First Bull Run (Manassas)
  2. Virginia-Jackson stopped Union from invading Piedmont, Lee took control and crushed the Union in 1st of 7 days battles, Longstreet executed
    Peninsular Campaign
  3. Virginia- win for Lee and Jackson, Lincoln replaces McClellan with Pope,Halleck lands at Aquia, George Taylor rebellion destroyed under Union bridge
    2nd Bull Run
  4. Maryland- started when Hooker's corps assaulted Lee, assault against the Sunken Road hurt Confederate, Burnside crossed namesake battle creek, bloodiest day in war
    Antietam (Sharpsburg)
  5. Burnside replaced McClellan, Mud March, tried to cross Rappahannock river, Prospect Hill, Lee had to split troops, Meade and Burnside are beat
    Fredericksburg (Marye's Height)
  6. Stonewall Jackson dies, cannonball hits chancellor house and Hooker is unconscious, Zoan Church constructed, Sedwick stopped at Salem church, Sickle attacks Catherine Furnace
  7. farthest north Confederate advance, Meade replaced Hooker, Lee low on supplies, Picketts charge through open field
  8. mainly Virginia- 1st clash between Grant and Lee, where Hill and Ewell held line, trenches similar to WWI, Cold Harbor was last battle
    Overland Cmpaign (Wilderness)
  9. Burnside built mine, Battle of the Crater, Battle of the Fort Stedham, Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House
    Petersburg Appomattox
  10. Tennessee- named after a church at Pittsburg Landing, Grant just captured Fort Donnelson, Johnston and 23k people die, Sarah Bells peace orchard
  11. Mississippi- led by Grant to take Mississippi River, Union win at Champion's Hill, Grant starving, 4th of July not celebrated for over 80 years
  12. Tennessee- Rosencrans crossed TN river, race to Chattanooga, Reeds Creek, Deas forced retreat,
  13. Rosencrans force Bragg out, Hooker took Lookout Mtn. in Battle Above the Clouds, Thomas got Missionary ridge
    Chattanooga campaigan
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Civil War Battles