1. Chakras
    an energetic template of the nerve plexuses that function in the physical body that circulate energy through the nadis
  2. Nadis
    subtle nerve channels
  3. Kundalini
    the force that activates the chakras and causes them to function on a higher level, thereby altering perception and experience
  4. Prana
    an energy responsible for circulation in the subtle energy field and the movement of the subtle body through the subtle universe
  5. Tejas
    an energy responsible for metabolizing psychic or subtle impressions
  6. Ojas
    gives the subtle field form
  7. Citta
  8. Annamaya Kosha
    food sheath
  9. Pranamaya Kosha
    breath sheath
  10. Manomaya Kosha
    mind sheath
  11. Vijnanamaya Kosha
    intelligence sheath
  12. Anandamaya Kosha
    bliss sheath
  13. Satchitananda
    existence, knowledge, and bliss absolute
  14. Vrittis
    thought disturbances
  15. Ida Nadi
    the lunar nadi
  16. Pingala Nadi
    the solar nadi
  17. Sushumna nadi
    the central nadi through which awakened kundalini energy flows
  18. Anuloma-Viloma
    alternate nostril breathing
  19. Kapalabhati
    cleansing breath / breath of fire
  20. Muladhara Chakra
    root chakra
  21. Svadisthana Chakra
    sex center chakra
  22. Manipura Chakra
    navel center / solar plexus chakra
  23. Anahata Chakra
    heart chakra
  24. Vishuddha Chakra
    throat chakra
  25. Ajna Chakra
    3rd eye chakra
  26. Sahasra Padma Chakra
    crown chakra
  27. Siddhis
    mystical powers
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