Chapter One

  1. Psychoanalytic perspective
    Emphasizes processes and unresolved past conflicts.
  2. Dependent variable
    what the experimenter measures
  3. Goals of psychology
    describe, explain, and predict; change behavior and mental processes
  4. Experimental research
    determines causes of behavior and can describe specifics
  5. Behavioral psychology
    sudies objective, observable, enviornmental influences on overt behavior.
  6. Surveys
    use interviews or questionares on a sample of participants.
  7. Socialculterual perspective
    focuses on social interactions and cultural determinants of behavior and mental processes
  8. Case studys
    are in depth investigations
  9. Human research
    have informed consent, limited and careful use of deception, debriefing and confidentiallity
  10. Cognitive persepective
    emphasizes thinking, perception, problem solving, memory, language, and info processing.
  11. pyschology is
    scientific study of mental processes that values empirical evidence, critical thinking and behavioral.
  12. independent variable
    what the experimenter manipulates
  13. Types of desriptive research
    Case studies, naturalistic observation and surveys.
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