Theory II

  1. non-toxic, limited or no absorption, substantivity, bacterial specificity, low induced drug resistance, anre characteristics of what?
    an effectiv chemotherapeutic agent
  2. Why can commercial mouth rinses have multiple claims for use?
    because they contain more than one active ingredient
  3. What are 3 factors that influence how effective commercial mouth rinses are?
    • dilution by saliva
    • length of time agent is used
    • evidence supporting the particular product
  4. What are 3 inactive ingredients of commercial mouth rinses?
    • water (makes up largenst percentage by volume)
    • Alcohol
    • flavoring
  5. targeted application of pulsated or steady stream of water or other irrigant for preventive or therapeutic purposes
  6. What is the purpose of irrigation?
    to reduce the bacteria and inflammatory mediators that lead to the initiation or progress of perio diseases
  7. irrigator that generates an intermittent or pulsating jet of fluid with an adjustable dial for regulation of pressure and flow; maintains steady flow or pulse from a reservior,
    power-driven device
  8. irragator that attaches to a household water supply: faucet or shower; delivers water through a hand held interchangeable tip that can be turned for application, can't control water pressure; doesn't pulse
    non-power-driven device
  9. What are 4 delivery types of oral irrigation?
    • supragingival
    • marginal
    • subgingival
    • pulsating
  10. What type of tip is used for supragingival irrigation?
  11. What type of tip is used for marginal irrigation?
    soft rubber, or tapered plastic
  12. What type of tip is used for subgingival irrigation?
  13. What are 3 types of standard jet tips?
    • monojet (single stream)
    • fractional microjet
    • pulsating and nonpulsating
  14. specialized tips are used for application at or below the gingival margin, what are 3 types of specialized tips?
    • soft rubber tip
    • tapered plastic tip
    • metal or plastic cannula
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