Theory II

  1. substance applied with a tooth brush or other applicator (tooth paste)
  2. What are 3 uses of dentifrice?
    • Biofilm, stain, deposite removal
    • application of therapeutic agents
    • superficial cosmetic effects
  3. Dentifrice can be used to remove what 3 things?
    • biofilm
    • stain
    • deposit
  4. dentifrice can be used for the application of what?
    therapeutic agents
  5. dentifrice can also be used for superficial _________ effects
  6. What are 2 types of benefits with using dentifrices?
    • preventive
    • therapeutic
  7. How does the use of dentifrice aid in biofilm reduction?
    prevents attachment of bacteria to the tooth surface
  8. What are 2 agents used in dentifrice to reduce biofilm?
    • triclosan
    • zinc citrate
  9. What is the primary agent that has shown efficacy in reducing gingival inflammation that is used in dentifrices?
  10. Triclosan combined with a copolymer of plyvinyl methoxyethylene and maleic acid (PVM/MA) does what for the dentrifice?
    increases the substantivity
  11. Triclosan can reduce gingivitis in _______ and in _________
    • vivo
    • vitro
  12. What substance in dentrifice is used to prevent dental caries?
  13. What action does fluoride take to prevent dental caries?
    enhances remineralization
  14. What is the most commonly used agent in commercial dentifrice for the reduction of dentin hypersensitivity?
    5% potassium nitrate
  15. What are 4 substances in addition to fluoride that are found in dentifrices shown to help inhibit supragingival calculus?
    • pyrophosphate salts
    • zinc salts (zinc chloride and zinc citrate)
    • sodium hexametaphosphate
    • triclosan
  16. Dentrifices that mechanically remove stained biofilm and contain a bleaching agent, aid in what?
    cosmetic effects
  17. Name the 5 basic components of dentrifices?
    • detergent
    • abrasive
    • sweetener
    • humectant
    • therapeutic agent
  18. Water makes up what percentage of dentrifices?
  19. Therapeutic agent makes up what percentage of dentrifices?
  20. A therapeutic dentifrice has a drug or chemical agennt added for a specific _______ or ________ action
    • preventive
    • therapeutic
  21. Dete
  22. Detergents make up what percent of dentrifices?
  23. What ingredient in dentrifices is used to lower surface tension, penetrate and loosen surface deposites, emulsify debris for easy removal by toothbrush, and contribute to foaming action?
  24. What are 2 substances used as detergents?
    • sodium lauryl sulfate USP
    • sodium N-lauryl sarcosinate
  25. What ingredient in dentrifices is used to clean well with no damage to tooth surface, polishing agent is used to produce a smooth tooth surface, smooth surface can prevent or delay the reaccumulation of stains and deposits
  26. calcium carbonate, phosphate salts, hydrated aluminum oxide, silca, silicates, and dehydrated silica gels are all used as what?
  27. What ingredient in dentrifices is used to stabilize the formation, and prevent separation of the solid and liquid ingredients?
    binders (thickeners)
  28. mineral colloids, natural gums, seaweed colloids, and synthetic celluloses are all used as what?
    binders (thickeners)
  29. What ingredient in dentrifices is used to retain moisture and prevent hardening on exposure to air?
  30. xylitol, glycerol, and sorbital are all used as what?
  31. abrasives make up what percent of dentrifice?
  32. thickeners, or binders, make up what percent of dentifrice?
  33. humectants make up what percent of dentifrice?
  34. preservatives make up what percent of dentifrice?
  35. What ingredient in dentifrice is used to prevent bacterial growth and prolong the shelf life?
  36. alcohol, benzoates, and dichlorinated phenols can all be used as what in dentifrices?
  37. flavoring or sweeteners make up what percent of dentifrices?
  38. What ingredient in dentifrice is used to impart a pleasant flavor for pt acceptance, and mask other ingredients that may have a less pleasant flavor?
    flavoring agents (sweetener)
  39. essential oils (peppermint, cinnamon, wintergreen clove), artificial noncariongenic sweetners (xylitol, glycerol, sorbitol) can be used for what in dentifrices?
    flavoring agents (sweeteners)
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