Maths unit 3&4

  1. outliers?
    They are data values thats stand out from the main body of data.
  2. Range?
    Range= largest value- smallest value
  3. Types of data
    Numerical or Categorical
  4. Numerical data
    • Arise from measuring or counting some quantity; for example, height, number of people ect.
    • It can be discrete; arise when you count.
    • It can also be continuous; arise when you measure
  5. Categorical data
    Arise when classifying or naming some qauality or attribute; for example place of birth, hair colour.
  6. Frequency table
    Is a listing of the values a variable takes in a data set, along with how often each value occurs. It can be recorded as a count or per cent.
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Maths unit 3&4
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