la exam 101

  1. metaphor
    a comparison not using like or as
  2. simile
    a comparison USING like and as
  3. rhyme
    to words that sound the same
  4. pun
    a play on words... using phrases that sound the same
  5. dramatic irony
    when the reader or adience knows something the characters do not
  6. symbolism
    a reoccurring theme that means something
  7. main events of run baby run
    -leaves home -leaves brother -joins gang -gang leader -mannie killed -meets wilkeson -becomes christian -goes to collage without isreal -meets gloria -starts teen challenge -leaves teen challenge and saves isreal
  8. 5 main parts of essay
    • big ieas
    • thesis
    • body
    • conclution
    • introduction
  9. 6 elements of a shakespearian play
    • expostion
    • exciting force
    • rising action
    • climax
    • falling action
    • catastophy
  10. rue love accordding to scripture
    • love is pationante king not envy or boast not proud does not dishonour others
    • 1 corinthians 13: 4-7
  11. themes in outsiders
    injustice and honour, belonging and gangs, importance of family!
  12. 5 creative writing
    poetry, diary, sonnet, stories, myths,
  13. types of creative writing
    • PSP4 Poetry, Stories, Personal, and Formal
    • poetry- sonnet
    • stories- short stories
    • personal- diary
    • formal- news article
  14. five parts of story
    introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling action, and conclusion.
  15. the benefits of creative writing is
    it develops empathy and developes imagination and description writing
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