Spider Body Parts

  1. Abdomen
    The back part of the spider. A spider makes silk to spin webs using glands inside its abdomen.
  2. Cephalothorax
    The front part of the spider. This is where its brain and stomach are located.
  3. Eyes
    Most spiders have 8 eyes, but some have 6, 4, or 2. Cave spiders don't have any eyes!
  4. Fangs
    The spider's sharp, hollow teeth.
  5. Legs
    All spiders have eight legs. A spider's legs are covered with hairs that it uses as sense organs.
  6. Pedipalps
    These are feelers that a spider uses to find food and water.
  7. Spinnerets
    Little tubes at the back of the abdomen. A spider gets the silk to spin its web by pushing it out through the spinneretswith its feet.
  8. Body Parts (Numbered)
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