Test One Molecular

  1. What is turned into mRNA?
    Small segments of a DNA from Chromosome
  2. What two regions of non-template coding region are recognized by sigma subunit and RNA polymerase?
    -35 and -10
  3. Where is RNA stopped?
    Terminator sequence
  4. What is the terminator sequence made of?
    2 inverted repeats - separated by at least 6 bases followed by a poly "A" tail
  5. When do genes turn on
    • Housekeeping- Turned on all the time
    • Some only when needed- use gene activator
  6. What activates the activator?
    Environment- internal or external
  7. What are the three components of the Operon Model? (Prokaryotic Regulation)
    • Promoter- RNA polymerase attaches (short)
    • Operator- active repressor binds (short)
    • Structural genes- coding for enzymes of a metabolic pathway (long)
  8. What is Antisense therapy?
    A form of treatment for genetic disorders or infections
  9. What are proteins?
    Biological polymers made from a chain of amino acids forming polypeptides
  10. What are the 5 levels of control in Eukaryotic Regulation?
    • Nuclear (Chromatin packing, Transcriptional, Post-transcriptional)
    • Cytoplasmic (Translational, post-translational)
  11. When and where does transcription take place?
    First, in the nucleus
  12. When and where does translation take place?
    Second, Cytoplasm/ Ribosomes
  13. What is the Wobble rules?
    Allow the first base of the anticodon to pair with other non complementary base.
  14. Where does protein synthesis occur?
  15. What are the steps in protein synthesis?
    • Initiation
    • Elongation
    • Termination
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