SM Class 2

  1. Idea Soil Composition
    45% minerals, 50% open pore space, 5% organics
  2. Horizons
    Distinct layers in the soil
  3. Litter layer
    Horizon O- top layer
  4. Topsoil
    Horizon A- second layer
  5. Has the greatest leach rate
    Horizon E
  6. Zone of accumulation
    Horizon B
  7. Untouched by soil forming process, parent material
    Horizon C
  8. Bedrock
    Horizon R
  9. Eluviation
    • the removal of inorganic and organic substances from a horizon by leaching occurs in the A horizon. Eluviation is driven by the downward movement of soil
    • water.
  10. Illuviation
    Downward moving, especially fine material, is accumulated
  11. Soil Separates
    Sand, silt and clay
  12. Peds
    • A cluster or grouping of sand, silt, clay, organic
    • material, biological slimes, and fungal masses.
  13. Cohesion
    Soil sticking to itself
  14. Adhesion
    Soil sticking to to other objects
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SM Class 2
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