Med. Surg

  1. When planning care for a patient with pain the nurse might remember that analgisics are best given?
    Before pain reaches maximum intensity
  2. Comparing chronic and acute pain select the correct the statement of acute pain?
    Area of pain is well define and intense
  3. Which of the following is the best way to assess the intensity of the patient’s pain?
    • Using a rating scale from 1-10 with 10 been the
    • most intense pain
  4. BLANK is a condition where there is an
    excessive accumulation of abase or loss of acid fluids ---
  5. Patient presents in the E.R department with the potacium level of 2.8 which drug will contribute to hypokalemia?
  6. Patient with fluid volume excess is placed on fluid restriction the nurse can plan to?
    encourage small amounts of fluids in evenly space intervels
  7. When assessing the patient who is hyperventilating due to anxiety nurse looks for sings and symptoms of?
    respiratory alkalosis
  8. Patient is receiving 500ml I.V n.s that needs to be infuse over a period of 8hrs. in when entering the room the nurse notes that the IV solution has been infuse in 1hr the pt. must now be observe with s/s of?
  9. Individual who has sustain trauma in a vehicle accident and is loosing blood is in danger of developing which of the following types of shocks?
    hypovolemic shock
  10. If a pt. has had an miocardial infarction and the heart is unable to pump blood to the tissue the pt. might develop?
    Cardiogenic shock
  11. Pt. who is 2hrs postoperative rings his bell nurse arrives to find abdominal dressing with blood, he appears restless and b/p normal pulse rate high immediate nursing intervention?
    Elevate the feet unless contra indicative
  12. The skin apperiance is associated with hypovolemia that occurs with shock is?
    Pale cool and clammy
  13. Nurse needs to care for a pt. during the immediate postoperative period which of the following factors predispose pt from hypoxia?
    • Pulling secretions in the lungs
    • Obstractive airway
    • Residual drug affect
  14. What does weight gain during the postoperative period signify?
    Fluid accumulation
  15. Which of the following diet modification may be recommended to reduce the risk of cancer?
    Increase the intake of vegies. like broccoli
  16. Which of the following safety measuasures must the NX implement to minimise radiation affect while working with pts. who have just undergone radiation therapy?
    Limit time spent w/ the pt.
  17. Which of the following is a nursing intervention when monitoring pts receiving radiation therapy?
    Monitor pts. for sings of bone marrow suppressions
  18. BLANK is an excision in which the tumor is removed along with a small margen
    Local excision
  19. During physical examination of the pt. nx oscultate breaths sounds which of the following are normal lung sounds?
    sounds heard over the lung feels quiet and low pitch
  20. What does the nx asses postoperatively in a pt w/ a nasal fracture?
    Airway obstruction
  21. Which of the following is an initial s/s of acute bronchitis?
    A non-productive cough
  22. Which of the following should the nurse include w/ a pt. acute bronchitis?
    wash your hands
  23. How does a nx. nosocomial occur?
    In a health care seting
  24. Which of the following will be most appropriate nursing intervention when caring for a pt w/fractured ribs?
    Apply immobilization divice after examination of a physician
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