Bio- ATP

  1. Food serves as
    a source of energy
  2. The energy in food is measured in
  3. create their own energy
  4. consume food for energy
  5. ATP is a
    nucleic acid
  6. how is the energy stored in a cell
    by adding a phosphate to ADP
  7. when the energy is needed the phosphate is
    broken away from the ADP molecule
  8. when the energy is released from ATP it
    has enough energy to power a variety of cellular activities
  9. ATP stores energy for
    a short amount of time
  10. glucose stores energy for
    a long period of time
  11. how much more energy does glucose store than ATP
    90 times
  12. where do reactions of photosynthesis occur
  13. what are the two stages to photosynthesis
    • light dependent
    • light INdependent calvin cycle
  14. how many reactants and how many products in a light dependent
    • 2 reactants
    • 3 products
  15. what are the reactants in a light dependent reaction
    water and light
  16. 2 energy carrying molecule used in calvin cycle
    • ATP
    • NADPH
  17. how many reactants and products in a light independent reaction
    • 3 reactants
    • 3 products
  18. what are the reactants in a light independent reaction?
    • CO2
    • ATP
    • NADP
  19. what may slow photosynthesis?
    • lack of eater
    • temperature
  20. what is the optimal range for photosynthesis
    • 0 degrees celsius through
    • 35 degrees celsius
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