Vocabulary Words 2

  1. Feasible
    possible, able to be done
  2. Impervious
    resistant; not affected or hurt by
  3. Cursory
    hasty, not thorough
  4. Holocaust
    a large-scale destruction, especially by fire
  5. Benevolent
    well-meaning, charitable, kindly
  6. Jeopardy
  7. Impetus
    inpulse, stimulus, incentive
  8. Tepid
    lukewarm; unenthusiastic
  9. Quintessence
    the most typical example
  10. Nostalgia
    desire for something in the past
  11. Duplicity
    treachery, decetifulness, fraud
  12. Adroit
    skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind
  13. Belligerent
    given to fighting, warlike; aggressive
  14. Averse
    opposed, unwilling; having a deep-seeded distaste
  15. Grimace
    facial distortion, pained expression
  16. Scrutinize
    to examine closely
  17. Meticulous
    extremly careful; particular about details
  18. Amicable
    friendly, neighborly
  19. Retrogress
    to return to an earlier condition
  20. Extol
    to praise excessively
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Vocabulary Words 2
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