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  1. Questions and Answers on

    the Book of Revelation
    Section 77
  2. Consecration: An everlasting covenant.
    Section 78
  3. The lord will bless his faithful servants
    Section 79
  4. "Declare the things which ye have heard, and verily believe, and know to be true"
    Section 80
  5. The call of Frederick G. Williams
    Section 81
  6. "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what i say"
    Section 82
  7. The laws of the church concerning widows and orphans
    Section 83
  8. The oath and covenant of the priesthood
    Section 84
  9. Those who put forth their hands "to steady the ark"
    Section 85
  10. The parable of the wheat and the tares
    Section 86
  11. War in the last days
    Section 87
  12. The olive leaf
    Section 88
  13. The word of wisdom
    Section 89
  14. The Oracles of God
    Section 90
  15. The Apocrypha
    Section 91
  16. "You shall be a lively member"
    Section 92
  17. Truth is knowledge of things...
    Section 93
  18. Houses for the work of the ministry
    Section 94
  19. Walking in darkness at Noon-day
    Section 95
  20. This stake should be made strong
    Sectin 96
  21. This is Zion-the pure in heart
    Section 97
  22. Renounce war and proclaim peace
    Section 98
  23. The word of the lord to john murdock
    section 99
  24. Words of comfort to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon
    Section 100
  25. The saints are "cast out from the land of their inheritance"
    Section 101
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