1. Good beginnings for financial propositions.
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  2. Change or fluctuation in fortunes, yet harmony within change.
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  3. A first structure is created, yet there is much work ahead.
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  4. If nothing is risked, nothing can be gained.
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  5. Financial, emotional, or spiritual loss.
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  6. Generosity, benevolence and kindness.
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  7. A choice to be made, difficult decisions to be taken.
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  8. The apprentice, the enthusiastic student and promising plans.
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  9. Pleasure and comfort through material success and achievement.
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  10. Foundations for families, fortunes, or lasting traditions.
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  11. A respect for the material side of life.
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  12. Hard work and attention to detail.
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  13. Wealth and generosity.
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  14. Position and wealth, hard work.
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