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  1. Central Character of the Iliad, the greatest Greek warrior in the Trojan War, who was initially hidden by his mother because she knew he was fated to die in the war
  2. Mortal hunter who accidentally saw Artemis, the chaste Greek goddess of the hunt, naked in her bath and was then by her hand turned into a stag and chased and killed by his own dogs
  3. Handsome young man with whom both Aphrodite and Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, fell in love; he was killed by Ares in the form of a wild boar
  4. Clytemnestra's lover who helped her get revenge on her husband Agamemnon for the sacrifice of their daughter Iphigenia
  5. Trojan prince, Aphrodite and Anchises' son, who escaped the burning city of Troy and fled to Italy, where he became the founder of the Roman race.
  6. Keeper of the winds on the island of Aeolia, where they are kept chained up in a huge cavern
  7. King of Mycenae and Argos who led the Greek forces in the Trojan War— he sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia in order to gain a favorable wind after his forces were halted by the absence of winds in retaliation for his boast that he was as skilled a hunter as Artemis
  8. Giant Greek warrior who killed himself after unsuccessfully fighting Odysseus for the armor of Achilles awarded to Odysseus after Achilles' death
    Ajax the Greater
  9. Warrior who was drowned by Poseidon for offending Athena by boasting about how his escape from the ship Athena had sunk with a thunderbolt
    Ajax the Lesser
  10. Woman who volunteered to die in place of her husband Admetus
    Alcestis (Alceste)
  11. Race of warlike women who lived in the Black Sea region of Asia Minor
  12. Ocean's daughter or granddaughter, a Nereid, who was the goddess of the sea and the wife of Poseidon
  13. Alcmene's husband who returned the day after Zeus, disguised as her husband, had already impregnated his wife
  14. Aeneas' father whom he carried on his back or shoulders as they escaped the burning Troy but who died before they reached Italy
  15. Hector's wife who following the fall of Troy becomes Neoptolemeus' concubine, later bearing him three children
  16. Ethiopian princess, daughter of Cassiopeia and Cepheus, who was chained to a rocky cliff and rescued from the sea monster Cetus by Perseus, later her husband, who turned the monster into a rock by showing it the head of Medusa
  17. Posiedon's gigantic son who being invincible as long as he was in contact with his mother Gaea, the earth, challenged all passers-by to wrestle with him, killing all but one
  18. Oedipus' faithful daughter who served as his guide during his exile; she was buried alive by Creon after she symbolically buried the body of her brother, Polyneices, by sprinkling dirt over it
  19. Amazons' queen whom Theseus allegedly abducted and took to Athens, where she bore him a son, Hippolytus
  20. Mortal Lydian woman, proud of her weaving ability, who challenged Athena to a weaving contest and after winning was changed by Athena into a spider so that she could spend the ret of her life weaving
  21. 49 famous Greek heroes who accompanied Jason in the quest for the golden fleece
  22. King Minos of Crete's daughter who married Dionysus after being abandoned by Theseus on the island of Naxos even though she had helped him escape from the Labyrinth
  23. Hector and Andromache 's child whom Neoptolemus killed during the sack of Troy by throwing him from the city's walls onto the rocks below, thus executing Hector's last male heir to the throne of Troy
  24. Huntress who promised to marry the suitor who could outrun her and was finally defeated by Hippomenes with the help of Aphrodite
  25. Titan condemned to hold the sky or heavens on his shoulders for all eternity for leading the Titans against the gods
  26. King of Elis whom Heracles killed for reneging on an agreement to grant him one tenth of the cattle he had cleaned as the fifth of his labors
  27. Famous thief who had learned from his father Hermes the skill of making objects invisible or changing their appearance so that they were unrecognizable
  28. Killer of the Chimera who was thrown from Pegasus and blinded while attempting to ride to Mount Olympus
  29. The North Wind, the most violent of the 4 winds of the world
  30. Mortal who founded and became king of Thebes by following Athena's instructions to sow, or plant, the teeth of the dragon he just killed
  31. Famous soothsayer who advised Agamemnon to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to appease Artemis in order to get a favorable wind for the Greek fleet
  32. Nymph that Hera changed into a bear to punish for the offense of becoming Zeus' lover or Zeus changed her into a bear to protect her from Hera
  33. Priam's daughter, also called Alexandra, to whom Apollo gave the gift of prophecy but were prophecies were never believed because of a curse he placed on her after she refused his amorous advances
  34. Andromeda's mother who boasted that her daughter wasa more beautiful than the Nereids, Posieden's attendants, leading him to send Cetus, a sea monster, to ravage Ethiopia only to have it killed by Perseus
  35. Old boatman who ferried the souls of the dead
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