1. What three parts does any electronic system consist of?
    • Input
    • Process
    • Output
  2. Analouge signals can have ______ values?
  3. Digital signals can have only two values. We can descirbe these as....?
    • On/off
    • High/low
    • 1/0
  4. What is the energy change in a themocouple?
    Heat ---> electrical
  5. What is the energy change in a micophone?
    Sound ---> electrical
  6. What is the energy change in a solar cell?
    Light ---> electrical
  7. The resistance of a thermistor changes as its _______ changes?
  8. If a thermistor's temperature goes up its resistance goes.....?
  9. The resistance of a LDR increases as the light level....?
  10. What is a capacitor?
    A device which stores electrical charge
  11. As a capacitor charges up the voltage across it increases from 0 to the _______ voltage?
  12. What does the time taken to charge a capacitor depend on?
    • The value of the capacitor
    • The resistance of the circuit
  13. Name an analouge output device and state what energy change takes place within it
    • Loudspeaker: electrical ---> sound
    • Electric motor: electrical --->kinetic
    • Moving coil meter: electrical ---> kinetic
  14. Name a digital output device and state what energy change takes place within it
    • Solenoid: electrical ---> kinetic
    • Relay: electrical ---> kinetic
    • LED: electrical ---> light
  15. A _______ is connected in series with an LED?
  16. What is the resistor, connected in series with an LED, needed for?
    To make sure the LED gets the correct current and voltage. IT IS A CURRENT LIMITING RESISTOR
  17. What are the three types of Logic Gates?
    • AND
    • OR
    • NOT
  18. What is the other name for a clock pulse generator?
    Simple oscillator
  19. How do we get more clock pulses every second?
    • Decrease the resistance of the resistor
    • Decrease the value of the capacitor
  20. What is this number:
    8 0 0 1 = 9
  21. What is this number:
    8 0 2 0 = 10
  22. What is this number:
    0 4 0 1 = 5
  23. What is a transistor used as in a circuit?
    An electronic switch
  24. What does an amplifier do?
    It increases the amplitude of the electrical input signal
  25. What is the formula for voltage gain?
    Vgain = Vout / Vin
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