1. A fountain of abundance nourishes your life.
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  2. Your emotional, psychic and spiritual lives are quickening like spring.
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  3. Celebrate friendships and close companions.
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  4. Your mind is distracted from its true goal, enjot the present.
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  5. Take action to change past patterns.
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  6. You need to be more powerful, directing the flow rather than following.
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  7. Among your many options, choose the one closest to your heart.
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  8. You are strong enough to gain wisdom from a challenging experience.
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  9. You are finally where you had hoped and dreamed to be.
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  10. Inner and outer harmony is cause for celebration.
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  11. Trust your intuitive inclinations and embrace your childlike wonder.
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  12. The final steps of a long journey are about to be completed.
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  13. You are called upon to be a loving master of emotional integrity.
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  14. This is your time to shine and for your accomplishments to be recognized.
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