CFI Physics Quiz 1

  1. Displacement
    change of the position. The final position minus the initial position
  2. Avgerage Velocity
    The average distance over an average time
  3. Acceleration
    Rate of change of the velocity
  4. Free Fall
    No forces act on an object other than the gravitational force that makes the object fall
  5. Vector
    Have both magnitude and direction.
  6. Force
    A push or pull that one object exerts on another
  7. Weight
    Magnitude of the gravitational force that a planet or moon exterts on a nearby object
  8. Inertia
    Resistance to changes in velocity
  9. Kinetic Friction
    When the two objects are slipping or sliding across one another, as when a loose shingl slides down a roof.
  10. Static friction
    No slipping or sliding occurs, as between the tires of a car parked on a hill and the road surface
  11. Conservation Law
    Physical law that identifies a quantity that does not change wth time
  12. Kinetic energy
    Energy due to motion
  13. Potential Energy
    Stored energy due to interaction
  14. Translation
    Motion of an object in which any point of the object moves with the same velocity as any other point. (object does not rotate or change shape)
  15. Work
    Energy transfer that occurs when a force acts on an object that moves
  16. Mechanical Energy
    the sum of the kinetic and potential energies
  17. Power
    Rate a which work is performed or evergy is converted
  18. Linear Momentum
    Product of mass and velocity
  19. Impulse
    Product of a vector and a positive scalar
  20. Center of Mass
    An average location of the system (a point)
  21. Torque
    Role in otation that force itself plays in translation. A measure of how effective a given force is at twisting or turning something
  22. Center of Gravity
    Total force of gravity can be considered to act at a single point
  23. Fluids
    materials that flow and include both liquids and gases. Nearly incompressible
  24. Pressure
    Force per unti area is the same for any orientation of the surface
  25. Density
    mass per unit volume
  26. Buoyant force
    total force on an object due to fluid
  27. Archimedes Principle
    The buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of an equal volume of fluid
  28. Bernoulli Effect
    Fluid flows faster where the pressure is lower
  29. Surface tension
    the force per unit lenght with which the surface pulls in its edge
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