1. 1st Characteristic of a Steroid Hormone
    Hydrophobic and therefore xported via albumin or some other xport prot.
  2. 2nd characteristc of a Steroid Hormone
    Free form is active
  3. 3rd characteristc of a Steroid Hormone
    Total [Hormone] is measred
  4. 4th characteristc of a Steroid Hormone
    Have a long 1/2 life <vs other hormones> and is measered in hours <vs minutes>
  5. 5th Clinical Chemistry Endocrinology
    Metabolism by Carboxilation, oxidation, reacting w/ SO4 &/or Glucoronic Acid to make water soluble
  6. 6th Clinical Chemistry Endocrinology
    Some have Dinural variation (ex. Cortisol)
  7. 1st characteristic of a Peptide Hormone
    Hydrophilic :. ported in blood in free state
  8. 2nd characteristic of a Peptide Hormone
    1/2 life measured in minutes
  9. 3rd characteristic of a Peptide Hormone
    No dinural variation.
  10. 4th characteristic of a Peptide Hormone
    Measured in total [hormone]
  11. 5th characteristic of a Peptide Hormone
    Share a common structure. Usually simialr alpha subunit with different betas.
  12. 1st Hormone receptor Char.
    Very Specific
  13. 2nd Hormone receptor Char.
    Equilibrium system (ie reaction is reversible)
  14. 3rd Hormone receptor Char.
    can be saturated. (due to limited #, an incr in horm will incr reaction until all recepters are in use, that is saturated)
  15. 4th Hormone receptor Char.
    High affinity. even at [low], they will still bind to receptor
  16. 5th Hormone receptor Char.
    # can vary due to dis, physiology, etc
  17. 6th Hormone receptor Char.
    dysfunc of recpt can be caused by many dis lead to horm being unable to recog and bind.
  18. ADH stands for
    antidiuretic hormone
  19. ADH targets
  20. ADH Action
    Retain H2O & (Dcr Na)
  21. Target of Oxytocin
    Breast Tissue
  22. Func of Oxytocin
    Contract breast tissue to secrete Milk
  23. GHRF stands for
    Growth Hormone Releasing Factor
  24. GHIF stands for
    Growth Hormone Inhib Factor
  25. GHRF/GHIF targets
  26. GHRF function
    Release of GH from Pituitary
  27. GH stands for
    Growth Hormone
  28. GH comes from
    the pituitary gland
  29. GH targets
    All cells
  30. GH func
    Gluc/fat metab & general body Growth
  31. TRF =
    Thyrotropin releasing factor
  32. TRF comes from
  33. TRF targets
  34. TRF func
    releases TSF from pituitary
  35. TSF =
    Thyroid Stim. factor
  36. TSF comes from
  37. TSF target
  38. TSF func
    Release of T3/T4
  39. T3/T4
    Regs metab rate of all body tiss.
  40. Stomatostatin from
    Panc D cells
  41. Stomatostatin func
    Facil tiss growth
  42. Catocholoamines from
    Adrenal Medulla
  43. Catocolamines func
    Reg blood prs, CNS activity, En metab. (Fight/Flight reaction)
  44. ACTHRF =
    Adrenocortotropic Hormone Releasing Factor
  45. ACTHRF from?
  46. ACTHRF targets?
    Anterior Pituitary
  47. ACTHRF func
    stim pituitary to release ACTH
  48. ACTH =
    Adrenocortotropic hormone
  49. ACTH targets
    Adrenal gland
  50. ACTH func
    Release of Cortisol
  51. Cortisol from
    Adrenal gland
  52. Cortisol func
    H2O & e-Lyte balance; incr gluconeogenolysis
  53. gastrin from
  54. gastrin func
    secr of gastric acids
  55. Sectetin from
  56. secretin func
    antag to gastric secr & incr pancr secrtion
  57. ADH =
    Antidiuretic Hormone
  58. ADH from
  59. ADH targets
    • pituitary for storage;
    • Kidneys & Adrenal cortex later
  60. ADH to kidney func
    water retension
  61. ADH to adrenal cortex func
    stims secr of aldosterone
  62. aldosterone from
    Adrenal cortex
  63. aldosterone func
    water & Na retentiond, as well as K
  64. GRH=
    Ganodatropin Releasing hormone
  65. GRH targets
    pituaitary gland
  66. GRH func
    Release LH & FSH
  67. LH =
    Luetinizing hormone
  68. FSH & LH targets
    1° sex organs
  69. LH funcs
    Release of Progestirone & Testosterone
  70. FSH func
    Release of Testosterone and Estorgen
  71. Progesterone from
  72. progesterone func
    stim ovulation process
  73. estrogen from
  74. estrogen func
    Maintain pregs & 2° sex char of females
  75. testosterone from
  76. testosterone func
    spermatogenesis & 2° char of males
  77. PRF from
  78. prf func
    secr of prolactin
  79. prolactin from
  80. prolactin target
    breast tiss
  81. prolactin func
  82. oxytocin from
  83. oxytocin eventual target
    pituit for storage; breast and uterus
  84. oxytocin func
    • breast: contract and expluse milk
    • uterus: uterine contraction
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