1. Altruism,
    altruism: share it with other but yourself

    universalism: shares it with everyone including yourself
  2. empatnic
    sense of how you feel
  3. istentialism
    person cannot be described completely by another person
  4. stone
    willfully reguse to understand the world around you; not responsible
  5. propagenda
    refers to its material that forces the share of view point of its creater
  6. sophist
    group of traveling soldiers
  7. justice
    the will of the stronger, expression of power
  8. hedonism
    absolute goal in life is happiness, everything you do is for happiness
  9. \intrinsic good
    something that is good for itself and itself alone. its goodness doest not depend on anything else
  10. instrumental good
    something good that leads to a good end. a way of achieving a good end. it can be evil if its ends to which it leads changes
  11. value
    positive interest, and willing to act upon that interest
  12. social justice
    a concept, human beings should create an egolitary society based on the principle equality, one that understands the human rights and reconize human beings.
  13. rational egoistic hedonism
    able to defer/ignore my personal and choose your happiness in the short run because it will bring my happiness in the longrun. being rational
  14. ethics
    study of right and wrong and about choices
  15. moral choice
    all choices are potentially moral. effects the quality and quanty of life
  16. rarely clearcut
    moral choices are often between/among conflicting goods or the lesser of evils.
  17. socialical relativism
    the description on how in fact people do
  18. moral standard
    description of a moral right choice
  19. twilight languaga
    language that is intentionally poetic
  20. parental authority
    what makes it morally wrong because your parents say so
  21. societal
    what makes a choice morally right is what society says.
  22. conscience
    reflections of input that we took seriously that established in our minds as basic principle
  23. kurigma?
    founding message of the religon. including all the basic principle of the religon
  24. environment racism
    form of oppression. oppression by means of polluted environment.
  25. sacrifice zone
    • environment sacrifice allow to consiously pollute their environment
    • nuclear energy=nuclear waster`
  26. MRS monitor retrievable storage site
    government will fill out form and get the natives to sign on. so the can have the land and do test labs.

    (birth defects)
  27. voluntary informed consent
    the right of the indiv to all right information inorder to free exersice choice particularlly in situations envoling personal risks
  28. rule of sanctions
    punish who commit the crimes
  29. heuristic
    teaching experience, if it teaches you something
  30. rational egoistic hedonism
    regarless of what you say, the choice you make will give you the greatest will choose something that is desirable for yourself and yourself alone. for the lesser evil
  31. moral standard utilitarianism
    what was justice/moral standard, you and i are made in such a way that you will make the egoistic choice of nature , you are able to make an imediate and longterm gratification. ex. student goes to skool, long run you get a degree.
  32. the hedonic calculas mathematical messuring
    messuring the plessures and pains that atttach to any projective line of action.
  33. rule of conduct
    how your supposed to behave, thy shall not kill
  34. sentiment
    feeling, not feeling the rule of conduct you will be punished.
  35. hysteria
    personally trapped, patterns of behavor
  36. pycoanalysis
    the mind is complex, mind is free
  37. sublimation
    unexpected thought, then give it an exceptible form
  38. antisemistism
    unjustice prejustice against jewish religon
  39. intellect
    reason, ablility reason

  40. cannibalism
    my desire to take over a person and make them like yourself. parent/ children.
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